* It gives Brides a chance to have pictures of all of their guests, especially ones that may not be included in the formal pictures.

* It's a great way to guarantee your guests will have fun!  

* You can personalize your photo strips to say anything you would like, so it makes a great party favor and reminder of your special day.  It's a keeper!

* It provides hours of entertainment for everyone!  Young , old, shy, outgoing, everybody will want to participate in the fun!

Our Open Air Photo Booth is also spacious enough that it is wheelchair accessible.

* Family reunions, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, any occasion where the family gets together, can yield some amazing photographs that will be enjoyed for years to come!  We also offer a scrapbook that can be assembled on-site so no extra work afterwards and you have an amazing memorable album to enjoy for years to come!

* In addition to photo strips on the day of your event, we also email you a digital folder of every photo taken. This includes the pictures in two different styles, the original strip format, and then each individual frame or shot.  This enables you to upload your pictures to the internet, print them off and frame them, resize them, make them into Christmas cards, add special effects, touch them up, whatever you want!