Here's a rundown of what options you have to make

  • Which type of Photo Booth do you prefer - Open Air, Fully Enclosed or Open Air Photo Wall?

  • What color/design curtain for your backdrop?  Most people just go with black or white but we give you options.

  • What kind of layout do you want for your pictures?  We can basically do any layout or format any # of pictures on the 4x6 frame shot.  The 4x6 pics can be cut in half inside the machine to give you two strips. 

  • Would you like us to design a template for you at no extra cost?  If so, you will need to make a note of style or send an example of your wedding invite and we will happily mirror that theme.

  • Black and white or color pics or let guests choose?

  • Do you want to add the option of emailing pics from the booth?

  • Do you want to add on an hour or scrapbook? Scrapbooks are our most popular add-on.  Ours include fixings and the attendant helps to guide guests to create a page.

See the drop down menus under options for more information on each individual option.